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If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This is what we believe at Grownity, that is why we bring together like minded people so that they can improvise each other and make diamond out of the coal, not just one but many.

What we do

Community Building

Join vibrant communities of like-minded students who share your interests, hobbies, and goals. From tech enthusiasts to art lovers, our communities bring you closer to your peers.


Expand your network and connect with fellow students, professors, and college alumni. Networking opportunities right at your fingertips.


Find mentors who can guide you through your academic journey and career choices. Connect with experienced students and alumni who've been in your shoes.

Internships and Freelancing

Explore internship opportunities and freelance gigs relevant to your field of study. Gain real-world experience while you learn.

Our Community


This community of ours mainly focuses on improvising one's logic buliding, data structures and algorithms through experts of the domain.

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Development solely can never be as pretty as development with design, learning to design and polishing this skill is why this community exists.

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Trading has always been the magnetic attraction for many but strategy to earn the most out of it, resides with few. Bringing out those techniques and collective earning is the aim of community.

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PR and marketing holds a whole degree out there, we teach those skills here for free so that you could be a jack of all🛠️.

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Teaching a human is harder than teaching a machine if you don't believe try your hands on AI/ML and unfold the magic it holds.

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Sometimes a random accidental aesthetic click gives butterflies to your stomach what if you could master the art of photography and every click becomes an aesthetic. Go for it here!

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