About us

Grownity Provides you the Power of Community. Create/Join Community of your Interest and also Get Job Referral from BIG MNC Employees like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. We Enables you in building Connection for your Personal Growth by Providing you Community.

Easily Join Club of Your Favourite Colleges like IIT, NIT etc.. and Collab with the most Brilliant students of India.

Get Help From Awesome People in your domain like App Development, Video Editing, Game Development etc.. by joining their Community.

Grownity App Features:
★ Build/Join Community of your Interest
★ Join Clubs of Your Favourite Colleges like IIT, NIT etc..
★ Post Content on app and Build your Network
★ Earn Money by Creating Clubs and Community on app
★ Get Job referral from Big MNCs Employees like Google, Amazon etc.. by Joining their Community.
★ Get Mentorship From Skillfull and Awesome people and also from Big MNCs Employees.

Build Your Network on app with a Professional Profile by Adding your Work Experience, Education History, Achievement and Skills on Your Profile.

Grownity is a Place where you will Bring out your best with the help of Community and Grow with Community

Our Mission is to Give Equal Opportunity to all Rather than their College and Help them in their Personal Growth by Community.

Have a question? Contact us at Support@grownity.in